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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Improved Unified Flow Regime Transition CriteriaOloruntoba, Olusola; Kara, Fuat
2007In vitro analysis of the bioavailability of six metals via the gastrointestinal tract of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Ojo, Adeola A.; Wood, Christopher M.
2016-07In vitro anthelmintic activity of three medicinal plantsOjo, Adeola A.; Osho, I. B.; Adewole, S. O.; Olofintoye, L. K.
2008In vitro characterization of cadmium and zinc uptake via the gastrointestinal tract of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): interactive effects and the influence of calciumOjo, Adeola A.; Wood, Christopher M.
2009In vitro examination of interaction between copper and zinc uptake via the gastrointestinal tract of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).Ojo, Adeola A.; Nadella, Sunita R.; Wood, Christopher M.
2015-01-01In vivo Effect of Cassava Flakes Mixed with Euphorbia heterophylla against Salmonella typhiOmoya, F. O.; Momoh, Abdul O.; Olaifa, O. A.
2015In vivo effects of four medicinal plants on nematodes of goatOjo, Adeola A.; Osho, I. B.; Adewole, S. O.; Olofintoye, L. K.
2016-05-12In vivo Evaluation of Microorganisms Isolated from Peels of Selected Carbohydrate Rich TubersMomoh, Abdul O.; Fadare, Olalekan S.
2019-02INCESSANT POWER SUPPLY IN NIGERIA AND THE NEED FOR THE DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF 100,000MW POWER PLANTOshin, Ola A.; Adanikin, Ariyo; Fakorede, Ebenezer O.; Joseph, Ojotu
2019-04Incidence of heavy metals in feathers of birds in a human‐ impacted forest, south‐west NigeriaBada, Adeola A.; Omotoriogun, Taiwo C.
2015-06Incidence of human adenoviruses and Hepatitis A virus in the final effluent of selected wastewater treatment plants in Eastern Cape Province, South AfricaOsuolale, Olayinka; Okoh, Anthony
1983-07-01Increased L-ornithine production by an arg mutant of Acinetobacter lwoffiAmund, Olukayode O.; Mackinnon, G.; Higgins, I. J.
2015-05-19Induction of Souring and Corrosion by Anaerobic Microbial Activities in Offshore and Nearshore Oil-Producing Facilities in NigeriaOkoro, Chuma C.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2008-07-01Influence of Chlorobenzoic acids on the Growth and Degradation Potentials of PCB-Degrading Microorganisms.Adebusoye, Sunday A.; Picardal, Flynn W.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2018-08Influence of Effective Communication and Compensation Management on Employees’ Engagement in Some Selected Financial Institutions in Lagos State, NigeriaIdowu, Samuel A.; Abolade, Dupe A.
2016Influence of pH, temperature and nutrient addition on the degradation of atrazine by Nocardioides spp. isolated from agricultural soil in Nigeria.Omotayo, Ayodele E.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Obayori, Oluwafemi S.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2005-12Information Literacy in Educational and National Development: Libraries as an AnchorNkiko, Christopher
2014-01Information Literacy Search Skills of Students in Five Selected Private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria: A SurveyNkiko, Christopher; Ilogho, Julie E.
1996The information superhighway and traditional communication: where we standAdamolekun, Wole
2008-10Information Technology Accessibility, Utilization and Academic Staff Job Satisfaction at Covenant University, NigeriaNkiko, Christopher; Adetoro, Niran