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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12Can globalisation induce economic growth in less developed economies? Evidence from Nigeria small open economyAremo, Adeleke G.; Aiyegbusi, Oluwole O.
2014-08-01Carbazole angular dioxygenation and mineralization by bacteria isolated from hydrocarbon-contaminated tropical African soilSalam, L. B.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.; Numata, M.; Horisaki, T.; Nojiri, T. H.
2015-12Carbazole Degradation in the Soil Microcosm by Tropical Bacterial StrainsSalam, Lateef B.; Ilori, Olukayode O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2017A case analysis on the adequacy of work-life balance practices in UK small-and medium-sized enterprisesAkanji, Babatunde
2017-07CASHLESS POLICY AND BANKS’ FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE IN NIGERIA: : empirical assessmentOgbeide, Sunday O.; Fapohunda, Modupe F.
2019Cassava Wastewater and Solid Waste Leachate as Cyanogenic Substrates for the Growth of Nitrile and Linamarin-Utilizing BacteriaOgunyemi, Adewale K.; Samuel, Titilola A.; Ilori, Mathew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2018Causality Testing between Trade Openness, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Fresh Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa CountriesLau, E.; Olabode, Olabisi E.
2013CFD based parametric analysis of gas flow in a counter-flow wet scrubber systemDanzomo, Bashir A.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Khan, Raisuddin M.; Iskhandar, Mohd
2017Challenges of soil- transmitted Helminthiasis in some communities in Ondo state, NigeriaAkinseye, Funmilayo J.; Egbebi, Adeola O.; Fadare, Olalekan S.
2012Changes in some biochemical parameters of kidney functions of Plasmodium berghei infected rats administered with some doses of artemetherAkomolafe, R. O.; Adeoshun, I. O.; Fakunle, Julius B.; Iwalewa, E. O.; Ayoka, A. O.; Ajayi, O. E.; Odeleye, O. M.; Akanji, B. O.
2006-12Changes in the visceral functions of Plasmodium berghei-infected and-uninfected rats following administration of artemether.Akomolafe, R. O.; Adeoshun, I. O.; Fakunle, Julius B.; Iwalewa, E. O.; Ayoka, A. O.; Akanji, B. O.
2013-04Characterisation of pulverised palm kernel shell for sustainable waste diversificationFono-Tamo, R. S.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2018-04-03Characterization of bacterial community structure in a hydrocarbon-contaminated tropical African soilSalam, Lateef B.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.; LiiMien, Yee; Nojiri, Hideaki
2015Characterization of lignocellulolytic bacterial strains associated with decomposing wood residues in the Lagos lagoon, NigeriaBuraimoh, Olanike M.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2008-02Characterization of multiple novel aerobic polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-utilizing bacterial strains indigenous to contaminated tropical African soilsAdebusoye, Sunday A.; Picardal, Flynn W.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.; Fuqua, Clay
2013-08-01Chromium (VI) biosorption properties of multiple resistant bacteria isolated from industrial sewerageOyetibo, Ganiyu O.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Obayori, Oluwafemi S.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2008-01-01Co-metabolic Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by Axenic Cultures of Ralstonia sp. Strain SA-5 and Pseudomonas sp. Strain SA-6 obtained from Nigerian Contaminated SoilsAdebusoye, Sunday A.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Picardal, Flynn W.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2017-11-01A communal catalogue reveals Earth’s multiscale microbial diversityOsuolale, Olayinka; Thompson, Luke; The Earth Microbiome Project Consortium; Knight, Rob; Gilbert, Jack; Jansson, Janet; Ackermann, Gail; Kosciolek, Tomasz; Gibbons, Sean
2016-09-02‘Communicating development’–a cultural shift: emerging discourses on entrepreneurial development and poverty reduction by Nigeria’s banking and microfinance sectorsHu, Ying; Pratt, Cornelius B.; Adamolekun, Wole; Ogedengbe, Adekunle R.