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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011UDCA: Energy Optimization III Wireless Sensor Networks Using Uniform Distributed Clustering AlgorithmsAgbele, Kehinde K.; Abidoye, A. P.; Azeez, N. A.; Adesina, A. O
2014-02-11Understanding the Phylogenetics and Evolution of Genus Schistosoma- Africa and Asia Stand Point.Onile, Olugbenga S.; Otarigho, B.; Anumudu, C. I.
2015-04Use of B2O3 films grown by plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition for shallow boron doping in siliconKalkofen, Bodo; Amusan, Akinwumi A.; Bukhari, Muhammad S. K.; Garke, Bernd; Lisker, Marco; Gargouri, Hassan; Burte, Edmund P.
2011-05-22Using Wearable Sensors for Remote Healthcare Monitoring SystemAbidoye, Ademola P.; Azeez, Nureni A.; Adesina, Ademola O.; Agbele, Kehinde K.; Nyongesa, Henry O.
2006Utilisation of alicyclic compounds by soil bacteriaAmund, Olukayode O.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Adebusoye, Sunday A.; Musa, K. I.
1996-04-01Utilization and degradation of an ester-based synthetic lubricant by Acinetobacter lwoffiAmund, Olukayode O.
2014-12Utilization and User Satisfaction of Public Library Services in South-West, Nigeria in the 21st Century: A SurveyIkenwe, Iguehi J.; Adegbilero-Iwari, Idowu
2017-11Value-added Service to Academic Library Users in 21st Century: Using Competitive Intelligence ApproachIdiegbeyan-ose, Jerome; Nkiko, Christopher; Osinulu, Ifeakachuku
2010-01-01Vascular intersection detection in retina fundus images using a new hybrid approachAibinu, Abiodun M.; Iqbal, Muhammad I.; Shafie, Amir A.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Nilsson, Mikael
2004-01-01Vibration faults simulation system (VFSS): A lab equipment to aid teaching of mechatronics coursesGani, Asan; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2011-05-17Vision-based hand posture detection and recognition for Sign Languageā€”A studyBilal, Sara; Akmeliawati, Rini; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Shafie, Amir A.
2015-09-01Weibull approach to brake pad wear analysis in the Nigerian marketFono-Tamo, R. S.; Osunbor, O. O.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2009Women in Fast Food Industry in Nigeria, Participation, Challenges and Future Prospects, Case Study _Lagos MetropolisOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2007-06Women in Nigeria: towards improved information accessibility, capacity building and constitutional developmentNkiko, Christopher
2016-02-25Youth Labour Market outcomes in Nigeria: Evidence from National Labour Market SurveyOlurinola, Isaiah O.; Fadayomi, Theophilus O.