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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Risk mitigation strategies and policy implications for carbon dioxide (CO 2) emission in organically-amended soils in NigeriaGbemisola, O. O.; Akin, O.; Aladesanmi, O. T.; Maruf, S.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Siyanbola, W. O.
2012-01-01Academia-industry interactions in Nigeria pharmaceutical innovation systemSiyanbola, W. O.; Oladipo, O. G.; Oyewole, A. A.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Ogundari, I. O.
2018-11-27Cassava Bio-Ethanol Development in Nigeria and Its Food Security ConsiderationsOgundari, Ibikunle; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Akarakiri, J.; Siyanbola, W.
2008Comparative antioxidant activity, total phenol and total flavonoid contents of two Nigerian ocimum speciesTade, O. G.; Adejorin, T.; Sennuga, A. T.; Akinmoladun, A. C.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Obuotorz, E. M.; Onajobi, F. D.
2012-09-23Evaluation of antioxidant and hypolipidaemic effects of fermented Parkia biglobosa (Jacq) seeds in tyloxapol-induced hyperlipidaemic ratsAyo-Lawal, Rachael A.; Osoniyi, Omolaja; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Lawal, Olukayode A.
2012-06Analysis of Sustainable Cassava Biofuel Production in NigeriaOgundari, I. O.; Momodu, A. S.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Akarakiri, J. B.; Siyanbola, W. O.
2009-10-01Purification, characterization and toxicity of a mannose-binding lectin from the seeds of Treculia africana plantAdeniran, Olukemi A.; Kuku, Adenike; Obuotor, Martins E.; Agboola, Femi K.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Osasan, Stephen
2015-08-01Antihyperlipidaemic and Antioxidant Potential of Fermented Citrullus vulgaris Seeds (Thunb.) on Tyloxapol-induced Hyperlipidaemic Rats: A Comparison With FluvastatinAyo-Lawal, Aderonke R.; Osoniyi, Omolaja; Famurewa, Akindele J.
2010-07-18Strategic issues in jatropha biofuel enterprise development in NigeriaOgundari, I. O.; Oladipo, O. G.; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Ali, G. A.; Aladesanmi, O. T.; Ogunkanmbi, D. A.; Siyanbola, W. O.
2012-11-27Technological Analysis of Sustainable Biofuels Development in NigeriaOgundari, Ibikunle; Famurewa, Akindele J.; Olaopa, Ruth I.; Akarakiri, J.; Siyanbola, W.