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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03Metagenomic insights into effects of spent engine oil perturbation on the microbial community composition and function in a tropical agricultural soilSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Sunday O.; Nwaokorie, Francisa O.; Suleiman, Aisha; Mustapha, Reheemat
2021-08-16Detection of biosynthetic genes of microbially-synthesized secondary metabolites in a contaminated tropical agricultural soilSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Oluwafemi S.; Mohammed, Mutiat O.
2020Remarkable shift in structural and functional properties of an animal charcoalpolluted soil accentuated by inorganic nutrient amendmentSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Oluwafemi Sunday
2021-02Acenaphthene biodegradation and structural and functional metagenomics of the microbial community of an acenaphthene-enriched animal charcoal polluted soilSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Oluwafemi S.; Ilori, Mathew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2011Biodegradation of Bonny Light crude oil by bacteria isolated from contaminated soilSalam, Lateef B.; OBAYORI, OLUWAFEMI SUNDAY; AKASHORO, OMOKOREDE SULIKURNAINI; OKOGIE, GENEVIEVE OLUBUNMI
2019-01Metagenomic insights into the diversity and functions of microbial assemblages in lakesSalam, Lateef B.
2019-01-23Biostimulation potentials of corn steep liquor in enhanced hydrocarbon degradation in chronically polluted soilSalam, Lateef B.; Ishaq, Aisha
2013-07Biodegradation of anthracene by a novel actinomycete, Microbacterium sp. isolated from tropical hydrocarboncontaminated soilSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Oluwafemi S.; Olatoye, Nojeem O.
2014-01-23Biodegradation of Fresh and Used Engine Oils by Pseudomonas aeruginosa LP5Obayori, Oluwafemi S; Salam, Lateef B.; Ogunwumi, Oluwatoba S.
2014-03-24Fluorene biodegradation potentials of Bacillus strains isolated from tropical hydrocarbon-contaminated soilsSalam, Lateef B.; Obayori, Oluwafemi Sunday