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dc.contributor.authorOLUJOBI, Olusola Joshua-
dc.contributor.authorOyewunmi, Olabode-
dc.contributor.authorIgbinoba, Ebeguki-
dc.contributor.authorOlusola-Olujobi, Temilola-
dc.descriptionStaff Publicationen_US
dc.description.abstractBreach of fundamental human rights and rule of law are challenges that have tainted Nigeria’s image and impaired sustainable development of her justice system. These breaches are: torture, distorting bail procedures among others. These illegal practices if unchecked may culminate in the denial of justice. The lawyer’s role therefore, is vital in fostering a culture of enduring dispensation of justice, especially in the light of the many challenges bedeviling Nigeria’s criminal justice system. The paper re-appraises the statutory and ethical roles of lawyers pursuant to the Nigeria’s Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 in facilitating stringent compliance with the Act to safeguard the rule of law. The study is a doctrinal legal research with a library based approach. It adopts primary sources such as statutes, judicial authorities and secondary sources such as textbooks, journals/articles and internet sources. The research recommends among others, reform and strengthening of the judiciary to promote its independence in the administration of criminal justice system. Lawyers must ensure that the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 fosters dexterous management of cases by all adjudicatory bodies for speedy dispensation of justice, promotion of rule of law, and to end abuse of court processes. The study finds that Nigerian criminal law appears flawed in this regards. This research revealed series of human rights violations in Nigeria and equally highlighted the roles of lawyers in combating these abuses and suggest the use of modern forensic technologies in all courts in Nigeria which is currently lacking and made some recommendations.en_US
dc.publisherThe Journal of Social Sciences Researchen_US
dc.subjectHuman rights,en_US
dc.subjectRoles of lawyers;en_US
dc.titleRe-Appraising the Statutory and Ethical Roles of Lawyers Pursuant to Nigeria’s Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015en_US
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