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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-01Atomistic Simulations of Interfacial deformation and bonding mechanism of Pd-Cu Composite Metal Membrane using Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Process.Oyinbo, S.T.; Jen, T.C.; Zhu, Y.; Ajiboye, J.S.; Ismail, S.O.
2010-10-15Characterization of Frictional Behavior in Cold ForgingJung, K.H.; Lee, H.C.; Ajiboye, J.S.; Im, Y.T.
2007-09-30The effect of selected parameters on temperature distributions in axisymmetric extrusion processAjiboye, J.S.; Adeyemi, M.B.
2009-11-09The Effect of Surface Conditions on Friction by Tip TestJung, K.H; Lee, H.C.; Ajiboye, J.S.; Kang, S. H.; Im, Y
2007-09-01Effects of extrusion variables on temperature distribution in axisymmetric extrusion processAjiboye, J.S.; Adeyemi, M.B.
2014-04-08Effects of Lubricant on the Mechanical properties of Aluminium 6063 alloy after ECAEAjiboye, J.S.; Adebayo, S.A.; Azeez, T.M.
2012-04-01Experimental study on the effect of deforming material and speed on friction and lubrication by tip testAjiboye, J.S.
2014-09-01Load Prediction for the Extrusion from Circular Billet to Symmetric and Asymmetric Polygons using Linearly converging die profilesAjiboye, J.S.; Oyinbo, S.T.
2020-12-01Mathematical modelling of die pressure of a screw briquetting machineOrisaleye, J.I.; Ojolo, S.J.; Ajiboye, J.S.
2015-06-01Numerical Simulation of Axisymmetric and Asymmetric Extrusion Process Using Finite Element MethodOyinbo, S.T.; Ikumapayi, O.M.; Ajiboye, J.S.; Afolalu, S.A.
2015-09-01Plug flow analysis for the design of the compaction region of a tapered screw extruder biomas briquetting machineOjolo, S.J.; Ajiboye, J.S.; Orisaleye, J.I.
2019-01-01Pressure build-up and wear analysis of tapered screw extruder biomass briquetting machinesOrisaleye, J.I; Ojolo, S.J.; Ajiboye, J.S.
2008Temperature changes with die profiles in axisymmetric forward extrusion processAjiboye, J.S.; Adeyemi, M.B.
2006-10-06Upper bound analysis for extrusion at various die land lengths and shaped profilesAjiboye, J.S.; Adeyemi, M.B.