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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-11Anthropometric characteristics of roadside auto-mechanics: a case studyAbiola, Oluranti A.; Oke, Adekola O.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2013-04Characterisation of pulverised palm kernel shell for sustainable waste diversificationFono-Tamo, R. S.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2007; 2007Computer Aided Plumbing DesignAjayi, Oluseyi; Ajayi, Oluseyi; Koya, Olufemi A.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2011-02-28Deformation and Dehulling of Sponge Gourd (Luffa aegyptiaca) SeedsKoya, Olufemi A.; Ogunsina, B. S.; Opeyemi, O. O.
2008-01-01Deformation and fracture of dika nut (Irvingia gabonensis) under uni-axial compressive loadingcOgunsina, B. S.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Adeosun, O. O.
1999-11-01Design, construction and testing of a dehuller for African breadfruit (Treculia africana) seedsOmobuwajo, T. O.; Ikegwuoha, H. C.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Ige, M. T.
2014-11-27Design, fabrication and testing of a cassava pelletizerOduntan, O. B.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Faborode, M. O.
2005Development and Preliminary Testing of Metering Equipment for Mechanized Yam Sett PlantingAluko, O. B.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2012Development of a Machine for Expressing Vernonia amygdalina Leaf JuiceOke, A. O.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Akanbi, C. T.
2009-07-15Development of an intermittent solar dryer for cocoa beansFagunwa, Ayokunle O.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Faborode, Micheal O.
2013-01Dika nut oil as base oil for lubricants—effect of processing conditions on physicochemical propertiesAbidakun, O. A.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2012Effect of expression conditions on the yield of Dika Nut (Irvingia Gabonesis) oil under uniaxial compressionAbidakun, O. A.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Ajayi, O. O.
2017Evaluation of physico-chemical properties of re-refined lubricating oils obtained from fabricated packed bed reactorAdeyemi, Adebiyi F.; Adebiyi, Fatai M.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2013Experimental Verification of a New Technique for the Dry Separation of Palm Kernel and Shell MixtureOlasumboye, Adewale; Koya, Olufemi A.
2017-01Hydro power potentials of water distribution networks in public universities: A case studyKoya, Olufemi A.; Oladosu, Temidayo L.
2005-08Mathematical modelling of palm nut cracking based on Hertz's theoryKoya, Olufemi A.; Faborode, M. O.
2018-08-01Numerical analysis of lift-based in-pipe turbine for predicting hydropower harnessing potential in selected water distribution networks for waterlines optimizationOladosu, Temidayo L.; Koya, Olufemi A.
2006Palm nut cracking under repeated impact loadKoya, Olufemi A.
2012The performance evaluation of a cassava pelletizerOduntan, O. B.; Koya, Olufemi A.; Faborode, M. O.; Oduntan, A. O.
2018-03-19Removal of metals from flat lubricating oils using a fabricated packed-bed reactorAdebiyi, F. M.; Adeyemi, A. F.; Koya, Olufemi A.