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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-09-24Assessing the sensory qualities and acceptability of commonly consumed indigenous dishes for Tourism Development in Lagos and Ogun Sate, NigeriaOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2007-06Credit Acceptability and Food Security of Farming Households in Nigeria Ayetoro, Yawa North Local Government Area, South_West, NIgeriaAwotide, D. O.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.
2009-08Empowering Women as a Tool for Eradicating Poverty in NIgeria_ A Case Study of Ayetoro Women in Yawa North Local Government, Ogun StateOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2016Evaluating the Impact of Monetary Policy on the Growth of Emerging Economy: Nigerian ExperienceObadeyi, J. A.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.; Afolabi, Victor K.
2011-08Evaluation of Impact of Information Technology Skill on Hotel Services and Productivity_ A Case Study of Sheraton Hotel and ShowersOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2012Evaluation of Iron, Zinc, Sodium and Phytate Contents of Commonly Consumed Indigenous Foods in Southwest NigeriaOlayiwola, I. O.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.
2015-06The Impact Of Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) On The Survival Of Mıcro Scale Enterprises (Caterıng And Outdoor Servıces) in NıgeriaObadeyi, James A.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.
2009-06Improving Weaning Diets Through Germination and Fermentation of Sorghum GrainsOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2012-08Indigenous Food Consumption Pattern in South West, NigeriaOlayiwola, I. O.; Akinlade, A. R.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.
2010-12Nutritional Evaluation and Sensory Qualities of Sekete Beverage Flavoured with Ginger and Sweet PotatoesOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2009-08Nutritional Evaluation of Snacks made from sweet potato, Wheat and Composite Flour at Various LevelOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2005The Nutritional Status and Health Conditions of Older Adults_ A Case Study of Odoraboyejo Community, Ijebu-Igbo, NigeriaOlubanjo, O. O.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.; Aina, O. M.
2007-06Okhiria Adebimpe O, Akanji A. M. (2007). Assessment of the Comploiance of some selected fast food companies to safety and hygenic standard in Nigeria_Case Study of Metropolis, Abeokuta and Ijebu_OdeOkhiria, Adebimpe O.; Akanji, A. M.
2015Pottery production, an entrepreneurship perspective for job creation and poverty alleviation. A case study of Dada pottery, Okelele, Ilorin, Kwara State, NigeriaOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2015-11Poverty, an African Epidemic: Empirical Evidence of NigeriaOkhiria, Adebimpe O.; Obadeyi, James A.
2007-04The Prevalence of Protein Energy Malnutrition in Nigeria and Dietary Management _a Revised StudyOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2010-11Standardization and Proximate Composition of some Indigenous Food food the Elderly in Ondo State, NigeriaOkhiria, Adebimpe O.
2003-10Students Participation in School Farming Activities (SFAS) in Ikorodu Area of Lagos State, NigeriaAgbelemoge, A.; Salami-Ottun, T. O.; Okhiria, Adebimpe O.
2004-09-24The system approach to the marketing of tourism and hospitality services in some selected hotels and resorts in Ondo State, NigeriaOkhiria, Adebimpe O.