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Authors: Alonge, O.I.
Abiola, O.A.,
Onigbogi, A.O.,
Akinbode, F.O.,
Okediji, A. P.
Alabi, I. O.
Keywords: Car,
Speed Limiter,
Carrier chip,
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: 1st International Conference on Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Osun State University.
Abstract: This study modifies a Car Speed Limiting Device (CSLD) based on a pre-existing design with a view to avoiding car over speeding and reduce possible accident on highway. The speed limiter was modified by incorporating a carrier chip into the device using an Arduino Nano to coordinate the activities of the carrier chip and the speed limiter. The function of the carrier chip is to send and receive notification message from owner’s phone number. The components were connected in between the two wires of the car fuel line using existing design. Two different cars were used and tested on a highway. The result obtained for the two vehicles showed different responses. When the speed of the car exceeds the designed speed limit of the device, it was transmitted by the speed limiting device, the speed governor came into action and restricted the car from going beyond the pre-set speed by actuating the relay to reduce the current flowing through the fuel line and reduced the rate of flow of fuel into the combustion chamber which reduces the power output of the engine. The speed limiter became active. Warning signal in the form of alarm was activated, and the receiver sends a message to the owner through the carrier chip. The study concluded that the modified speed governor design is better, safer and remotely controlled compared to the existing design.
Description: Staff Publication
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