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Title: Comparison of the Elemental Structure and Emission Characteristics of Selected PVC and Non PVC Ceiling Materials Available in Nigerian Markets
Authors: Dirisu, J.O
Asere, A.A.
et, al
Keywords: Emission Characteristics,
flue gas,
fire disaster,
fire fighter
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
Abstract: The recurring fire outbreak in buildings in Nigeria is quite alarming, just as the shift to the use of PVC as a choice for ceiling material due to its aesthetic appearance is on the increase. Hence this study determined the emission characteristics PVC and non-PVC samples. This was done with a view to establishing their suitability as ceiling materials in building designs for tropical countries and providing thermal and combustion data for building stakeholders that could help to checkmate man made fire disasters. This experiment involves the burning of a consistent mass, 50g of 6 samples of 3 PVC and 3 non-PVC in an open furnace where the combustion is carefully controlled. It investigates the flue gasses concentration emitted in the cause of fire outbreak and its effect on occupants. It responds to the question in mind that not only visible flame kills but also toxicity from flue gas can be detrimental to health of victims. The results showed that PVC samples are unwelcome in terms of their emission characteristics which were due to their elemental makeup of their composites such as PVC recorded highest Carbon composition of 77.9% and lowest oxygen composition of 18.0 %. VOCs are cancerous, cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and eventual death. Benzene, a known VOC, is used in making PVC which is a human carcinogen compound. Ceiling materials that will achieve low noxious emission and as well fire retardant should be investigated and employed for use. These materials can be improved upon to achieve environmental friendly building materials.
Description: Staff Publication
ISSN: 0973-4562
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