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Title: Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Lafia-Obi Coal in Fluidized Bed Combustor
Authors: Popoola, Olubunmi Tolulope
Asere, Abraham A.
Keywords: Combustion emissions;
fluidized-bed combustion;
power generation;
Lafia-Obi Coal;
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Advanced Materials Research
Abstract: The technology of fluidized bed coal combustion (FBC) and its advantages over conventional coal burning systems is now well established and is extensively reported in the literature. There is also some emphasis in literature about the suitability of Lafia-Obi coal in FBC. However, there is little quantitative or qualitative information on theperformance of Lafia-Obi in FBC. This paper reports a study of the combustion of monosized coal fractions fed continuously to the bed via an overbed feeder. Using appropriate ASTM standards, proximate and ultimate analyses of samples of Lafia-Obi coal were carried out and the coal was then combusted in a fluidized bed. Results showed that Lafia-Obi coal has low moisture, high volatile matter and very high fixed carbon content. The volatile matter content places Lafia-Obi in the medium volatile bituminous rank. The data obtained is useful in application of fluidized bed combustion for energy production using Lafia-Obi Coal
Description: Staff Publications
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