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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-11-17Microbial population changes in tropical agricultural soil experimentally contaminated with crude petroleumObayori, Oluwafemi S.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Adebusoye, Sunday A.; Amund, Olukayode O.; Oyetibo, Ganiyu O.
2007-08-01Microbial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in a polluted tropical streamAdebusoye, Sunday A.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.; Teniola, Olakunle D.; Olatope, S. O.
2019-05-07Green microalgae cultured in textile wastewater for biomass generation and biodetoxification of heavy metals and chromogenic substancesOyebamiji, Olufunke O.; Boeing, Wiebke J.; Holguin, F. Omar; Ilori, Olusoji; Amund, Olukayode O.
2008-05Evidence of aerobic utilization of di‐ortho‐substituted trichlorobiphenyls as growth substrates by Pseudomonas sp. SA‐6 and Ralstonia sp. SA‐4Adebusoye, Sunday A.; Picardal, Flynn W.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
2008-01-01Co-metabolic Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) by Axenic Cultures of Ralstonia sp. Strain SA-5 and Pseudomonas sp. Strain SA-6 obtained from Nigerian Contaminated SoilsAdebusoye, Sunday A.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Picardal, Flynn W.; Amund, Olukayode O.
1997-06Genotoxicity of oil field wastewater in NigeriaOdeigah, P. G. C.; Nurudeen, O.; Amund, Olukayode O.
1997-08-01Degradation of commercial detergent products by microbial populations of the Lagos lagoonAmund, Olukayode O.; Ilori, Matthew O.; Odetundun, F. R.
1997-10-01Purification and properties of an α-amylase produced by a cassava-fermenting strain of Micrococcus luteusIlori, Matthew O.; Amund, Olukayode O.; Omidiji, O.
1993Hydrocarbon Degradation Potentials of Yeast Isolates from a Polluted LagoonAmund, Olukayode O.; Nwokoye, N.
2008Biodegradation Potential of Two Rhodococcus Strains Capable of Utilizing Aniline as Carbon Source in a Tropical Ecosystem.Nwinyi, Obina C.; Nwodo-Chinedu, S.; Amund, Olukayode O.