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Title: Anthropometric characteristics of roadside auto-mechanics: a case study
Authors: Abiola, Oluranti A.
Oke, Adekola O.
Koya, Olufemi A.
Keywords: Engine-repair
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2018
Publisher: Leonardo Journal of Sciences
Abstract: The study evaluated the relevant/corresponding anthropometric characteristics of the people involved in engine-repair activities. The study was carried out on the selected roadside auto-engine repairers along Lagos-Ibadan express way, in Nigeria. This was with a view to providing ergonomic design data for optimal working condition among this set of workforce and redesigning the mechanics inspection-pit. Material and methods: The static and the functional anthropometric characteristics of the mechanics were measured. The data obtained from 110 auto-mechanics, randomly selected, were employed to evaluate efficient design parameter for roadside workstations. Results: The results indicated that inspection-pit is about 1626 mm deep; seat height ranges between 375 mm and 405 mm; optimal work posture sitting is between 483 mm and 622 mm. Conclusions: Adopting the data presented in this paper in optimizing the auto-mechanics working conditions for effective workplace comfort and productivity among the roadside auto-mechanics in Nigeria will be of immense advantage.
ISSN: 1583-0233
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