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dc.contributor.authorAgbele, Kehinde K.-
dc.contributor.authorAzeez, N. A.-
dc.contributor.authorAbidoye, A. P.-
dc.contributor.authorAdesina, A. O.-
dc.contributor.authorVenter, I. M.-
dc.contributor.authorOyewole, A. S.-
dc.identifier.citationAzeez, N. A., Abidoye, A. P., Adesina, A. O., Agbele, K. K., Venter, I. M., & Oyewole, A. S. (2013). Statistical Interpretations of the Turnaround Time Values for a scalable 3-tier grid-based Computing architecture. Computer Sciences and Telecommunications, (3), 67-75.en_US
dc.identifier.issnISSN 1512-1232-
dc.descriptionArticle full-texten_US
dc.description.abstractThe concept of scalability for the survival and full-scale implementation as well as efficient utilisation of any distributed system, particularly grid computing, cannot be over-emphasised. It is through this security concept that inter-domain and intra-domain resource sharing, distribution and aggregation can be adequately ensured and guaranteed. This paper is an extension of a paper titled “Towards achieving scalability and interoperability in a triple-domain grid-based environment (3DGBE)” presented at the Information Security for South Africa (ISSA), conference, 2012. The objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis of the values obtained for the turnaround times for the three domains observed against the number of grid nodes when scalability was being evaluated using ANOVA. Further results obtained also give a summary of the statistical analysis of the values obtained with respects to the three domains vis-à-vis the mean ( , standard deviation and the variance using ANOVA. The essence of the statistical interpretation of these values is to affirm and confirm the significance difference in the mean of group of the three domains considered with respect to variation in the number of grid nodes as well as the number of service requesters as presented.en_US
dc.publisherGESJ: Computer Science and Telecommunicationsen_US
dc.subjectGrid computingen_US
dc.titleStatistical interpretations of the turnaround time values for a scalable 3-tier grid-based computing architecture statistical interpretations of the turnaround time values for a scalable 3-tier grid-based computing architectureen_US
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