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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Determination of Hydroxyl Radical in Seto Inland Sea and its Potential to Degrade IrgarolOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Ogunsuyi, H. O.; Sakugawa, H.
2010-10-18Photochemical Production and Consumption Mechanisms of Nitric Oxide in SeawaterOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Kazuhiko, Takeda; Hiroshi, Sakugawa
2008-08-28Application of Fenton reaction for nanomolar determination of hydrogen peroxide in seawaterOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Makino, Shinya; Kondo, Hiroaki; Takeda, Kazuhiko; Sakugawa, Hiroshi
2009-07-27Development of an Analytical Method for Nitric Oxide Radical Determination in Natural WatersOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Kazuhiko, Takeda; Hiroshi, Sakugawa
2012-10Nutritional Evaluation of Seed and Characterization of Crude Jack Bean (Canavalia ensiformis) OILOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Abitogun, A. S
2016-01Assessment of anti-corrosion potentials of extract of Ficus asperifolia -Miq (Moraceae) on mild steel in acidic mediumOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Fadare, O. O; Okoronkwo, A. E
2012-08-03Biosorption of nickel from aqueous solution by Tithonia diversifoliaOlasehinde, Emmanuel F.; Okoronkwo, Afamefuna E.; Aiyesanmi, Ademola F.
2006-12-18Effect of temperature on the formation and decomposition of butan-2-3-dione in wort brewed with sorghum and barley during fermentationNkiko, Mojisola O.; Taiwo, E. A.; Uruebor, A.; Ogunyemi, A.
2013-09-01Isothermal, kinetics and thermodynamics studies of the biosorption of Pb (II) ion from aqueous solution using the scale of croaker fish (Genyonemus lineatus)Nkiko, Mojisola O.; Adeogun, Abideen I.; Babarinde, N. A.; Sharaibi, Oluwabunmi J.
2014Interactions of cross-linked and uncross-linked chitosan hydrogels with surfactants for biomedical applicationsBamgbose, J. T.; Nkiko, Mojisola O.; Bamigbade, A. A.; Dare, E. O.