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Title: Global Information Netflow: Implications for African Development
Authors: Nkiko, Christopher
Keywords: Information netflow
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Interlingua
Abstract: The vital role information plays in national development can be realised from the production of goods and services within a nation. The production process know-how and the tangible, benefits that accrue to the individual citizen have strong correlation with the availability and accessibility of timely, accurate and relevant information. Information has been found to be very important in the wellbeing of man and his environment. Man's advancement in the area of medicine, science, technology, education and industry or any other area of human endeavour is as a result of intensive use of information. In this present age, information has been acknowledged as a factor of production. With it, individuals, organisations and countries interact such that higher knowledge is acquired, through which mutual benefits are achieved, operations are improved, resources are regenerated and more values are added continuously. It has become the essential basis for the maintenance of a modern society at whatever stage of development. Planning, decision-making and administration in all areas are increasingly dependent on the availability of reliable information. Without speedy access to relevant information countries cannot improve their lot
ISBN: 978-978-906-382-6
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