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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis using spectral analysis techniquesSalami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Gani, Asan; Pervez, T.
2003-01-01Development of mechatronics engineering degree program: challenges and prospectsSalami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Mir-Nasiri, N.; Khan, M. R.
2008-08Optimal model order selection for transient error autoregressive moving average (TERA) MRI reconstruction methodAibinu, Abiodun M.; Najeeb, Athaur R.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Shafie, Amir A.
2017-04-01Development of hybrid artificial intelligent based handover decision algorithmAibinu, A. M.; Onumanyi, A. J.; Adedigba, A. P.; Ipinyomi, M.; Folorunso, T. A.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2015-10-16A transform-based feature extraction approach for motor imagery tasks classificationBaali, Hamza; Khorshidtalab, Aida; Mesbah, Mostefa; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2013Development of solar powered irrigation systemAbdelkerim, A. I.; Eusuf, MMR Sami; Aibinu, A.; Eusuf, M. A.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2007-12-01Control strategy for automatic gantry crane systems: a practical and intelligent approachWahyudi, Wahyudi; Jalani, Jamaludin; Muhida, Riza; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2009-03-06Keystroke pressure based typing biometrics authentication system by combining ANN and ANFIS-based classifiersAli, Hasimah; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2003-12Hardware design, development and evaluation of a pressure-based typing biometrics authentication systemEltahir, Wasil E.; Lai, W. K.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Ismail, A. F.
2011-01-17Automatic fruits identification system using hybrid techniqueAibinu, Abiodun M.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Shafie, Amir A.; Hazali, Norazlanshah; Termidzi, N.