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Title: News Analysis as a Media Content for Public Opinion Formation and Moulding
Authors: Oriola, Oluwakemi
Ogbiten, Brickins O.
Keywords: News analysis
Public opinion
Agenda setting
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Benin Mediacom Journal
Abstract: The mass media perform certain roles to the sustenance of the society. Crucial among these roles are surveillance and correlation. The former involves routine journalistic function of monitoring events and reporting such in news while the latter deals with interpreting issues in the news for the purpose of building knowledge and coordinating opinions. There is an overlap between the two roles as opinions cannot be formed without information. In fact, informed opinions are based on adequate, accurate and authoritative information. Thus, by disseminating news and further engaging in discussion and analysis of major issues in the news, the media shape or influence public opinion. This paper examines news analysis as a means of shaping public opinion. It establishes that the mass media engage in construction and reconstruction of public opinion through agenda setting and framing. It presents a model depicting a cyclical process by which the media set agenda, through selective news presentation and treatment; and frame issues, through discussions and analyses, thereby giving direction for public opinion. The opinion so formed could result into actions and events, which are further reported in the news, based on their news values.
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