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dc.contributor.authorAdeniji, Akintayo A.-
dc.contributor.authorGaniyu, A. A.-
dc.contributor.authorAjagbe, W. O.-
dc.identifier.citationAjagbe, W. O., Ganiyu, A. A., & Adeniji, A. A. (2013). Quality assessment of Sandcrete blocks in Ibadan; A review. Epistemics in Science Engineering and Technology, 3, 272-277.en_US
dc.description.abstractSandcrete blocks have been widely used for modern building construction in Nigeria; however cases of incessant building collapse are rampant. The usage of substandard sandcrete blocks is a contributing factor. This research was carried out to assess the engineering properties of sandcrete blocks produced in Ibadan and its environs. Two blocks each of size 450 x 225 x 225mm were purchased from selected block industries at eight sampled locations within the study area. Few units of blocks (450 x 225 x 225mm) conforming to the Nigerian Industrial Standard (NIS 87: 2007) were also produced to serve as control samples. The 28th day dry compressive strength test result obtained for the sampled blocks ranges between 0.39-2.34 N/mm2. For the control block samples, the average 28th day dry compressive strength of the three tested blocks was 3.02 N/mm2. Conclusively, it was observed that the sandcrete blocks produced in major parts of Ibadan were of low quality and substandard; while the control samples were of adequate strength.en_US
dc.publisherEpistemics in Science Engineering and Technologyen_US
dc.subjectSandcrete blocksen_US
dc.subjectcompressive strengthen_US
dc.titleQuality assessment of Sandcrete blocks in Ibadan – A reviewen_US
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