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Title: Performance Characteristics of a Single-Cylinder Two-Stroke Diesel Engine using Diesel-RK Software
Authors: Olaiya, Kamorudeen Adesina
Alabi, Ismaila Olanrewaju
Okediji, Adebunmi Peter
Keywords: Hesselman’s Diesel Engine,
Engine Speed
Bosch Number
Performance Parameters
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
Series/Report no.: ;Volume 11, Issue 6
Abstract: The demand for software that is capable of solving internal combustion engines (ICEs) simulation problems is increasing on a daily basis. Thus, this article presents the application of Diesel-RK in investigating the performance characteristics of a single cylinder two- stroke turbocharged Hesselman’s diesel engine with direct fuel injection. Three different engine operating speed 1500, 2000 and 2500 rpm, respectively were utilized and their effects on certain engine performance parameters were investigated numerically. The highest overall specific fuel consumption and engine efficiency of 0.53342 kg/kWh and 0.1588, respectively were obtained at 2000 rpm. More power was delivered at 2000 rpm as a result of the highest value of engine torque obtained at that speed. The cylinder pressure increases significantly as the engine speed increases at ivc (2.0451 bar), evo (3.7801 bar) and tdc (60.141 bar), respectively. This indicates that the pressure developed when the inlet valve closes increases as the piston translate from bdc to tdc on compression, to the value required for combustion and this value dropped as the exhaust valve opens. However, the optimal values corresponding cylinder temperature increases significantly at ivc (717.24 K), evo (1088.5 K) and tdc (1560.8 K), respectively at a speed of 2500 rpm. Also, the engine speed had appreciable impact on the heat exchange parameters, because the values of those parameters increases as the engine speed increases. The effect of engine speed on the ecological, combustion, turbocharged and gas exchange parameters were also studied using Bosch, Hartridge and Strouhal dimensionless numbers and it is evident that engine speed is significant in the study of engine performance parameters and the best values of those parameters were obtained at 2000 rpm.
ISSN: 2229-5518
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