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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-02Antibiogram of bacterial flora of public health significance associated with postharvest Irvingia gabonensis seeds in Lagos State, NigeriaBello, Olorunjuwon Omolaja; Bello, Temitope Kudirat; Babalola, Olubukola Oluranti; Olu-Aderoumu, William Olusola
2020-08-20UHPLC/GC-TOF-MS metabolomics, MTT assay, and molecular docking studies reveal physostigmine as a new anticancer agent from the ethyl acetate and butanol fractions of Kigelia africana (Lam.) Benth. fruit extractsFagbohun, Oladapo F.; Olawoye, Babatunde; Ademakinwa, Adedeji N.; Oriyomi, Olumayowa V.; Fagbohun, Oladoyin S.; Fadare, Olatomide A.; Msagati, Titus A.M.
2020-10-30Marine Actinobacteria Bioflocculant: A Storehouse of Unique Biotechnological Resources for Wastewater Treatment and Other ApplicationsAwolusi, Oluyemi Olatunji; Ademakinwa, Adedeji Nelson; Ojo, Abidemi; Erasmus, Mariana; Bux, Faizal; Agunbiade, Mayowa Oladele
2020-04-28Microbial quality of utility water at universities in NigeriaBello, Olorunjuwon Omolaja; Oni, Mathew Olujenyo; Bello, Temitope Kudirat; Fashola, Muibat Omotola; Oluwafemi, Yinka Doris
2020-11-18Biodegradation of cyanide in cassava wastewater using a novel thermodynamically-stable immobilized rhodaneseAdemakinwa, Adedeji Nelson; Agunbiade, Mayowa Oladele; Fagbohun, Oladapo
2020-04-21Optimization study of bioethanol production from sponge gourd ( Luffa cylindrica )Adetoyese, A.O.; Aransiola, E.F.; Ademakinwa, N.A.; Bada, B.S.; Agboola, F.K.
2020-12-15Cumulative Prospect Theory and Radner Theory: A Critical Assessment from NigeriaOgbeide, Sunday Oseiweh; Okpamen, Peter Ehizokhale
2020-07-01Impact of Selected Factors on Employees’ Satisfaction and Organisational PerformanceABOLADE, ADESUBOMI DUPE
2020-02-07Synthesis of Fe(III) Carboxylate Metal-Organic Framework Functionalized with Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide and its Application for Loading Anti-hypertensive DrugTella, A. C.; Olawale, M. D.; Oyediran, A. O.; Alabi, A. B.
2020-02-13Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure of a copper-glutamate metal organic framework (MOF) and its adsorptive removal of ciprofloxacin drug from aqueous solutionOlawale, Margaret D.; Tella, Adedibu C.; Obaleye, Joshua A.; Olatunji, Juwon S.