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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04-07Application of intelligent technique for development of Colpitts oscillatorSalami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Aibinu, A. M.
2011-11-28Automatic diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy from fundus images using digital signal and image processing techniquesAibinu, A. M.; Iqbal, Muhammad I.; Nilsson, M.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2017-04-01Development of hybrid artificial intelligent based handover decision algorithmAibinu, A. M.; Onumanyi, A. J.; Adedigba, A. P.; Ipinyomi, M.; Folorunso, T. A.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2014A real valued neural network based autoregressive energy detector for cognitive radio applicationOnumanyi, A. J.; Onwuka, E. N.; Aibinu, A. M.; Ugweje, O. C.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2010-11-30Application of modeling techniques to diabetes diagnosisAibinu, A. M.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Shafie, A. A.
2013-06-28Investigation of the characteristics of geoelectric field signals prior to earthquakes using adaptive STFT techniquesAstuti, W.; Sediono, W.; Akmeliawati, R.; Aibinu, A. M.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2016Review of parameter estimation techniques for time-varying autoregressive models of biomedical signalsNajeeb, A. R.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Gunawan, T.; Aibinu, A. M.
2010-07-01Analysis of transient multiexponential signals using cepstral deconvolutionJibia, Abdussamad U.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.; Khalifa, Othman O.; Aibinu, A. M.
2013Scorpion image segmentation systemJoseph, E.; Aibinu, A. M.; Sadiq, B. A.; Salau, Bello H.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.
2012-12-17A new method of vascular point detection using artificial neural networkKader, S.; Aibinu, A. M.; Salami, Momoh-Jimoh E.