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Title: Sub-Saharan Africa ICTs Infrastructure for Inclusive Growth in the World of Big Data: Towards Addressing the Global Information Technology Report 2014-2015 on the Networked …
Authors: Oriogun, Peter K.
Agbele, Kehinde K.
Aruleba, Kehinde D.
Agho, Adrian O.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In this paper we specifically address a number of the recommendations suggested by The Global Information Technology Report 2014 & 2015 (GITR 2014 & GITR 2015) with respect to Sub-Saharan Africa countries slow progress in developing its ICT infrastructure within the current world of Big Data and ICT for inclusive growth; warning that if care is not taking in terms of improving the framework condition for innovation and entrepreneurship there could be a digital divide between the developed and developing economies. In addressing this possible digital divide, we proffered a solution through a model we developed recently at Elizade University for auditing ICT infrastructure projects in a developing economy. We isolated and fully analyzed the Sub-Saharan Africa data from the GITR 2014 report, and present our model in this paper. We argue that the model will address the specific shortcomings of the region in terms of strengthening its ICT infrastructure, and will improve the framework for innovation and entrepreneurship.
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