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Title: Effect of Temperature on the Formation and Decomposition of Butan-2-3-dione in Wort Brewed with Sorghum and Barley During Fermentation
Authors: Nkiko, Mojisola O.
Taiwo, E. A.
Uruebor, A.
Ogunyemi, A.
Keywords: Fermentable sugar,
diacetyl decomposition,
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Chem. Biochem. Eng. Q.
Abstract: The rate of breakdown of fermentable sugar and the formation/decomposition of butan-2,3-dione (diacetyl) in wort made with unmalted sorghum, malted sorghum, malted barley and sorghum/barley malt adjunct during fermentation was studied as a function of temperature. The rate of fermentation of sugar, formation and decomposition of butan-2,3-dione increases with increasing temperature and is dependent on the nature of the substrate. The decomposition of butan-2,3-dione is faster in wort made with malted sorghum and barley when compared to wort made with unmalted sorghum or sorghum/ barley malt adjunct
Description: Staff Publication
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