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Authors: Adefisoye, Taiwo O.
Adedokun, Niyi O.
Keywords: international terrorism/counterterrorism;
women involvement;
global response
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: European Journal of Social Sciences Studies
Abstract: International Terrorism in recent times has assumed a striking and dangerous dimension. Terror groups have taken advantage of the sophistication and advancement in technology especially Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and loopholes in national and international cyber space to recruit and activate new and unsuspecting members of the public to perpetuate their dastardly acts. More alarming is the increasing spate of women and girls’ involvement in the act of terror. Although not a Twenty-First‖Century‖phenomenon,‖women‖and‖girl’s‖involvement‖with‖terror-related activities has increased over time especially in the areas of marriage and execution of terror attacks. In response to the ugly trend, the world has gradually moved from preventive to more proactive approaches by formulating frameworks that prioritize‖women‖and‖girls’‖involvement‖in‖peace‖building, conflict resolution and counterterrorism activities. This is underscored by the adoption of the U.N Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 in year 2000; and other subsequent resolutions on women, peace and security. Despite these moves, the roles of women and girls in terror prevention and counterterrorism issues have remained less explored. Interestingly, the menace has attracted a higher level of media coverage and has equally posed a greater challenge at both the domestic and international fronts. In a view to explore its causes and consequences, the article examines the phenomenon of women and girls’ involvement in terrorism. The article found-out that discriminating socio-cultural practices; neglect of women in the battle against terror and in the overall conflict resolution process; religious dogma and the zombification of women among other factors, have driven women and girls to the mainstream of international terrorism.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.2646699
ISSN: 2501-8590
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