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Title: Effect of Waste Management Control on Tourism Development: Ado-Ekiti as a Case Study
Authors: Adefisoye, Taiwo O.
Ogunlade, Ibiyinka
Keywords: Underdevelopment;
Eco-Tourism Potentials;
Tourism Management;
Waste Management and
Community Participation.
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Case Studies Journal
Abstract: Increasing waste generation is synonymous with growing urbanization and human development which can be controlled by efficient and effective management. Some problems associated with waste management can be very severe, particularly in developing countries where technological know-how required for recycling human wastes and processing them into useful items, are inadequate. Consequently, poor waste management has constituted major hindrances to healthy living, environmental sustainability and development of tourism potentials. Ado-Ekiti, thecapital of Ekiti State, South West Nigeria, is used as a case study. This work examined the implication(s) of poor waste management on tourism development, with particular reference to its aesthetic values. Relying on both primary and secondary data, this research found out that certain mountains in the study area (witha specific focus on Okeyinmi also known as Okuta-gbokuta-ru), have been turned to refuse sites, public toilets and even to an abode of social miscreants. Lack of political will, unstable government policies among other factors; have prevented the development and optimal utilization of the city’s tourism potentials. However, effective and efficient management of municipal domestic wastes would go a long way in thedevelopment of the tourism potentials of the city; improve its internally generated revenue; provide employment opportunities and income earnings for jobless youths; engender community participation in heritage management and ultimately, alleviate poverty and underdevelopment.
Description: Staff Publication
ISSN: 2305-509X
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