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Title: Africa: Understanding and Managing Violent Conflicts
Authors: ADEFISOYE, Taiwo O.
BAMIDELE, Oluwaseun
Keywords: Africa,
Violent conflicts,
peaceful resolution,
good governance.
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: Conflict Studies Quarterly
Abstract: In 2011, the World Bank reported that an estimated 1.5 billion people worldwide live in con􀏔lict-affected countries where repeated cycles of political and organized violence hinder development, reduce human security and result in massive humanitarian suffering. Out of this 􀏔igure, the African continent is host to a signi􀏔icant number. Since the 1960s, the continent has been laden with varied dimensions of con􀏔licts, orchestrated by, but not limited to, border disputes, communal/ethnic differences and political agitations caused by her colonial origin and other internal trajectories. Using document analysis conducted through systematic review, this work identi􀏔ies causes and consequences of con􀏔licts in Africa and prospects for peaceful and enduring con􀏔lict resolution mechanism. It was also identi􀏔ied that the response of African Union and other sub-regional organizations to the intense and chronic nature of con􀏔lict situations in the region has, over the years, ranged from apathy to reliance on short-term security measures, which has otherwise not able to proffer lasting solutions to the con􀏔lict situations. It was posited that rather than rely on heavy military operations and response-centric approaches to con􀏔lict management, there is a dire need for a robust effort at good governance and people-centred policy reforms where socioeconomic development is accorded high priority to mitigate the perception of alienation and marginalization among various groups in African countries. Besides, appropriate institutional responses by African states are critical and necessary to transforming the volatile environment to peaceful havens, conducive for development and progress.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: DOI:10.24193/csq.22.1
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