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Title: Metadata librarianship: Specialising for maximum Productivity
Authors: Adeniyi, Adegbilero I.
Oriola, Josephus O.
Keywords: Librarianship
Metadata Standards
Metadata librarianship
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: T-JOLAIS
Abstract: Librarianship has often been threatened by the advent of the internet- the search engines, the wikis, social media networks, blogs and an avalanche of wide ranging already-made, easy to use information resources and sources on the internet. Also, multiplication of mobile and hand-held electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, android-based devices and the likes; unrelenting production of information in electronic format; emphasis on access and discovery of information resources, have all necessitated a paradigm shift in general ways librarianship should be and/or is practiced so as to keep the field afloat in perpetual relevance in modern times of information technology. Whereas librarians and libraries are nowadays seemed to be by-passed, at least, physically, yet they have remained quintessential in the accessibility of information and knowledge. Although, researchers and information seekers have often resorted to the internet to meet their information needs as against coming to the library or consulting the librarian, they have actually gone online to benefit from the sweat of librarians without appreciation. How this has come to be is through metadata. This paper, reviewing literature, bring to the fore the concept of metadata and its wide application to the LIS Profession and recent trends within the profession in creation of a new arm of the LIS profession i.e. metadata librarianship recommended.
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