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Title: Managing lCT-Driven Libraries in Nigeria: Critical Leadership Issues
Authors: Nkiko, Christopher
Keywords: ICT-driven libraries
leadership and innovation in libraries
Nigeria libraries
back-up and intrusion systems
returns on investment
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Laxmi Book Publication
Abstract: The paper examined the nexus between the application of information and communication technology to library services and leadership. It noted the pervasiveness of ICT across all professions as global best practices. It alerts that the twenty-fi rst century libraries are currently faced with technology savvy cl ientele and more sophisticated patrons expecting services that can compete favourably with or better organised than Google and other retrieval systems. The paper x-rayed the current state of libraries in Nigeria and averred that innovative leadership is a critical precondition to mainstreaming the Nigerian libraries to an enviable pedestal that approximates to international standards. Other critical leadership issues identified for effective\ management of ICT- driven libraries in Nigeria include: leaders capacity to facilitate change, demonstrating and justifying returns on investment, IU capacity building initiatives for librarians, benchmarking practices, understanding back-up and Anti Intrusion systems, adequate power supply and bandwidth as well as ensuring that aggregators of electronic resources indemnify libraries against infringement of copyright.
ISBN: 978-1-312-77845-0
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