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Title: 1976 Universal Primary Education and Schooling Attainment in Nigeria
Authors: Adeolu, Adewole M.
Fadayomi, Fadayomi O.
Keywords: Nigeria
Universal Primary Education
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2015
Publisher: SSRN
Citation: Adeolu, A. M., & Fadayomi, T. (2015). 1976 Universal Primary Education and Schooling Attainment in Nigeria. Available at SSRN 2685122.
Abstract: This study examines causal impact of 1976 Universal Primary Education (UPE) on individual schooling attainment in the Nigeria. This study exploits the quasi-natural experiment offered by the large-scale government investment in Universal Primary Education between 1976 and 1981 to confront the identification problems associated with this kind of study. Results from the Differences-in-Differences technique established that the UPE programme had positive and statistically significant impact on schooling attainment of beneficiaries. After controlling for all a large number of variables in the DID framework, exposure to UPE programme increases schooling attainment by 0.15 year. A formal test does not suggest that omitted variables might be influencing schooling outcomes.
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