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Title: The information superhighway and traditional communication: where we stand
Authors: Adamolekun, Wole
Keywords: Information superhighway
Traditional communication
Issue Date: 1996
Citation: Adamolekun, W. (1996). The information superhighway and traditional communication: where we stand. Africa Media Review, 10, 22-60.
Abstract: Advances in communication technology, bring with them new characteristics which often expand the horizons for information exchange among people. The evolving information superhighway is promising to break the physical barriers to the free flow of information. This has serious implications for developing countries. As many parts of the world adopt the new technologies of the information superhighway African countries should be cautious and not too readily abandon their traditional communication methods, which are not necessarily anti-thetical to the Internet. As exciting as the new technologies are, they do not always portend positive developments.
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