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Title: Information Access for Rural Women in Nigeria
Authors: Iwu-James, Juliana
Idiegbeyan-Ose, Jerome
Ifijeh, Goodluck
Segun-Adeniran, Chidi
Esse, Ugwunwa C.
Keywords: Information Access
Rural Women
Rural Libraries
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IGI global (Handbook of Research on Rural Sociology and Community Mobilization for Sustainable Growth)
Abstract: Adequate access and effective use of information is succinctly linked to sustainable development and empowerment of rural women. Analysis of the situation reveals that Nigerian rural women face marginalization as far as information access is concerned. This chapter identified some channels and preferred sources of information for the rural women with their inherent challenges. Some implications were also discussed ranging from exploitation and trafficking of women, inability to access and harness agriculture and health information, credit facilities and government programs. Some challenges of information provision to rural women as identified include lack of basic infrastructure, poverty, illiteracy, culture, and religion. The study recommended some strategies for improvement as regards quality access to information: establishment of vibrant public libraries in rural areas, continuous research on information seeking behaviour of rural women, information repackaging, provision of adult educational centres. The chapter concluded that neglect of rural women can only portend danger
URI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7158-2.ch007
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