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Keywords: Organisational communication,
improved labour relations,
organisational performance,
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2015
Publisher: De Gruyter
Citation: Dupe, A. A. (2015). Organisational Communication, The Panacea For Improved Labour Relations. Studies in Business and Economics, 10(2), 5–16. doi:10.1515/sbe-2015-0016
Abstract: This paper examined the importance of organisational communication to overall effective labour relations. It looked at organisational communication and its role in labour relations between the parties involved in Labour relations for better business procedures and relationships. It explained the importance of organisational communication in enhancing better labour relations within the organisation and with people outside the organisation. It enumerated the various groups that are involved in industrial relations and how they could use organisational communication for better industrial relations. It established the importance of organisational communication to the overall success of any organisation. Communication is vital to all human relations including labour relations but it seems to have been taken for granted or treated as inconsequential. When good organisational communication is not given its pride of place in organisation, it would affect labour relations negatively. This paper looked at the importance of organisational communication to labour relations, its effects on organisational performance, and negative effects of lack of good communication between stakeholders in labour relations and concluded that organisational communication should be properly used by all concerned in industrial relation matters for better performance of the organisation and improved labour relations both within and outside the organisation.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: DOI 10.1515/sbe-2015-0016
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