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Authors: Adedeji, Wale
Akinsipe, Felix
Afe, Adegoke
Keywords: Performing and film arts,
Economic sustenance,
Elizade University
Issue Date: 26-Nov-2014
Abstract: The fundamental concern of the Arts disciplines (Humanities) is with man and his complex nature, cognizantly his multifaceted relationships with the world around him and beyond. It is in this context that each Arts discipline tries to investigate and explain those aspects of man’s nature that particularly concern or challenge him. In a more specific context, the study and practise of Performing Arts is saddled with the expressions of these realities offering opportunities to display cultures and traditions while “mirroring” the society. In recent times there has been a sudden rise in interest and attention given to the creative and cultural industries especially with the popularity of Nigerian popular music and video film across Africa and beyond. Further to this, a lot of young minds have been inspired to seek university education in this area in order to develop their artistic instinct and build their creative capacity towards economic self-reliance. This paper highlight the objectives of the Elizade University Performing and Film Arts degree programme as it experiments with the concept of ‘total theatre’ incorporating drama, music, dance and film. Furthermore, the idea to deviate from the traditional nomenclature of ‘theatre arts’ by incorporating ‘film studies’ into the programme is being stressed here to portend the ability to produce thorough bred professional in the field that would eventually be ‘job givers’ and not ‘job seekers’ The paper also traces the origin of the Nigerian film industry now called ‘Nollywood’ and asserts that in the nearest future the Elizade Performing and film arts graduate will be ready to fill the capacity requirements of Nollywood, and be part of the generation to take the industry to the next level. It is hoped that this paper will generate more interest in emphasising economic sustainability through university education using the Elizade Performing and Film arts degree programme as an impetus.
Description: Staff PUblication
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