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Title: Review of metal protection techniques and application of drugs as corrosion inhibitors on metals
Authors: Nduma, R.C.
Fayomi, O.S.I.
Nkiko, M.O.
Inegbenebor, A.O.
Udoye, N. E.
Onyisi, O.
Sanni, O.
Fayomi, J.
Keywords: Corrosion,
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: International Conference on Engineering for Sustainable World (ICESW 2020)
Abstract: The inability of metals to resist degradation as a result of corrosion remains a unique global problem that depend on different metals for daily operations. Therefore, knowing the appropriate method to use is a key to ameliorate corrosion effect on metals. Green inhibitors serve as a modern, cheaper and environmentally favorable method to retard the effects of corrosion. Drugs are corrosion inhibitors which can reduce the action of corrosion without being hazardous to the environment as they are synthesized from natural products. The review studies the metal protection techniques and the use of drug as corrosion inhibitors. The importance of copper as a useful metal as good corrosion resistance due to inherent properties alongside its malleability was also discussed.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: doi:10.1088/1757-899X/1107/1/012023
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