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Title: Comparative Analysis of AISI 1050 Steel Using N5-Soluble Oil and Arachis Oil in Metal Cutting Operation
Authors: Abdulkareem, S.
Ogedengbe, T.S.
Aweda, J.O.
Khan, A.A
Keywords: Flooded cooling;
soluble oil;
Arachis oil;
machining processes;
Surface roughness,
Issue Date: 27-Oct-2017
Publisher: Proceedings of the 30 th AGM and International Conference of the Nigerian Institution for Mechanical Engineers. Hosted by The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Kaduna, Nigeria, 24 th - 27 th , October, 2017.
Abstract: The use of coolant during cutting processes does not only help in the improvement of surface integrity and increase in tool life, but it also facilitates the conservation of energy due to reduction in power consumed during the process. However, some of these coolants affect human health negatively, hence there is need to consider alternatives. The influence of N5- soluble oil and Arachis oil on machinability of carbon steels is reported in this paper. The performance of the use of soluble oil and Arachis oil using flooded cooling approach was investigated in with interest on their effects on temperature at cutting zone, surface roughness, chip formation and material removal rate. The experimental runs were designed using Taguchi L18 orthogonal array using Minitab version 16 and temperature at the cutting zone was monitored using a digital thermometer and a k-type thermocouple wire. Analysis of experimental results was done with focus on percentage contributions of various factors affecting surface roughness and material removal rate and chip profile. It was observed that, the use of Arachis oil as cutting fluid produced a surface finish of 35% improvement compared to soluble oil. Additionally, the chips formed using Arachis oil as coolant is more ductile and continuous than those obtained using N5soluble oil.
Description: Staff Publication
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