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Title: The Effects of Heat Generation on Cutting Tool and Machined Workpiece
Authors: Ogedengbe, T.S.
Okediji, A. P.
Yussouf, A. A.
Aderoba, O. A.
Abiola, O. A.
Alabi, I. O.
Alonge, O. I.
Keywords: Machining,
Heat generation,
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Conference on Engineering for Sustainable World
Abstract: Metal cutting processes usually cause heat generation at the cutting zone (around the workpiece-tool intersection). The heat generated during these processes may cause different effects on both the workpiece and tool, this in turn may affect the finished product and the general performance of the machined piece. In this study, a review was done on various types of machining conditions available, effects of heat generated on the workpiece and tool, and the approaches adopted to reduce this heat at cutting zones. This study also focuses on the simulation of percentage ratio of heat removal. To handle the simulation, various approaches of heat removal methods were used to get the percentage ratio using the ansys version 19.1 software. It was discovered that heat generation causes two major types of wear on the tool, crater and flank wear, resulting in the reduction of cutting tool life as well as dimensional inaccuracy, surface damage and severe corrosion cases on the workpiece. Various heat reduction methods and coolant application types were as well studied and their merits and demerits were discussed.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: 0.1088/1742-6596/1378/2/022012
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