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Title: The legal sustainability of energy substitution in Nigeria’s electric power sector: renewable energy as alternative
Authors: OLUJOBI, Olusola Joshua
Keywords: Non-renewable energy,
Renewable energy,
Fossil fuel,
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
Abstract: Non-renewable fuel sources have been the predominant energy sources and a significant source of foreign exchange income for Nigeria, while at the same time there is a severe problem of electricity inconsistency and persistent power blackouts in Nigeria. The research aims to end the concern for deficient energy use, and to encourage energy efficiency and sustainability. Nigeria has not maximized the advantages of renewable energy after the denationalisation of its electricity industry despite the current transformation in the power industry and the rising demand for renewable energy supply. The research adopts a doctrinal legal approach with a library-based legal research technique with a comparative legal method. It reveals that the absence of a comprehensible legal regime with encouragement for the use of renewable energy is the fundamental element causing the slow utilization of renewable energy as a substitute source of energy in Nigeria. It is suggested that, among other reforms, there is a need for a comprehensible legal regime on renewable energy and the encouragement of strict implementation of energy regulatory strategies and policies with incentives for the application of renewable energy sources in Nigeria.
Description: Staff Publication
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