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Title: Networking for Cloud and Data Centre - A Systematic Mapping Study
Authors: Odun-Ayo, Isaac
Eweoya, Ibukun
Toro-Abasi, Williams
Bogle, Sherrene
Keywords: Cloud Computing,
Systematic Mapping,
Cloud Networking,
Data Centers Networking.
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology
Abstract: Cloud computing is an important network model, which enables communication between the various components of the cloud using different service types and models. Although the issue of identifying a specific area of research that is networking-related for Cloud and data center is usually a concern to a researcher, a review or survey paper assists in easily identifying likely topics of research. Therefore, the aim of this work is to carry out of a systematic mapping study of networking for Cloud and data center. These allows for categorization in a subject area using a scheme based on certain classification process. The scheme used in this paper was categorized into three facets namely: topic, research and contribution facets. The results showed that there were more publications in terms of design on networking for Cloud and data center in the area of metric, model and method with 2.52%, 16.81% and 7.56% respectively. There were more papers on security in networking for Cloud and data center in terms of tool with 5.04%, and more articles on management and scaling in the aspect of process. Also, more articles got published on design in the area of evaluation research, validation research and solution research with 9.92%, 9.16% and 7.63 % respectively. There were more work on philosophical papers in terms of management and scaling with 2.29% and more articles on security in relation to experience papers. This study reveals gaps in networking for Cloud and data center, and it should arouse research interest in the academia and the industry.
Description: Staff Publication
ISSN: 0974-3154
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