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Title: The influence of primary radio climatology parameters on radio refractive index over the African region: a 30-year satellite study
Authors: Dada, J B
Adedayo, K D
Adediji, A T
Ajewole, M O
Keywords: Communication,
Climatic parameter,
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Abstract: In the lower part of the atmospheric boundary layer, structure of the radio refractive index plays a vital role when planning and designing microwave communication link. The effects of primary radio climatic parameters on radio wave propagation at UHF and microwave frequencies are crucial in studying radio refractive index. 1951 to 1980 satellite data has been used to investigate the mean values of both the primary radio climatic variables and surface radio refractive index over the Africa. The mean value of water vapor pressure, temperature and pressure ranges from 3-23 mbar, 284-302 K and 800-1000 mbar respectively across Africa. The high values of water vapor pressure around the Coastal and Rainforest reduce towards the Savanna and Steppe region (semi-arid). The mean variation value of surface refractivity over Africa ranges from 160 - 340 N-units. The refractivity values in larger part of the savanna range between 250 – 280 N-units.
Description: Staff Publication
URI: doi:10.1088/1742-6596/2034/1/012016
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