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Title: Surface Chemistry Studies of Emission and Thermal Behaviour of Developed Composites for Building Ceiling Materials
Oyedepo, Sunday
Fayomi, Ojo
Salawu, Enesi
Oyekunle, John
Asere, Abraham
Efemwenkiekie, Kelvin
Keywords: Flame-retardant,
toxic substances,
chemical structure,
reinforced materials
Issue Date: May-2021
Publisher: Research Square
Abstract: The emission of harmful elements from burning building ceiling materials and their attendant health effects on inhabitants within the vicinity of the emitted harmful elements is increasingly becoming a source of concern globally. Hence, the need to develop eco-friendly flame-retardant composite materials suitable for house ceiling purposes to forestall unwanted toxic emissions. This work identified the chemical structure of developed composite products and their emission performance during combustion. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis was used for phase quantification and E550 combustion gas analyzer for emission characterization of the developed composites. Thermolyne 950oC oven was employed for the combustion analysis of the prepared composite at 500oC. Quasi negligible SO2 level and CO2 exist; however, A4, 0.3Aldr0.23Cmt0.3Si0.05G0.12CS recorded maximum CO level, an indication of toxic affluence. The low mass losses of all of the composite materials, especially for A2, 0.6Aldr0.34Cmt0.05G0.01OBSretard significantly due to its activities by the retardant constituent. The flame retardant nature of all produced composite was evidenced in their elemental composition, as there was an absence of flammable element and presence of stable insulating compound providing retardance to flame occurrences. These suppressions in the flame inclination of the reinforced materials were noticed within the boundaries of the ceiling crystals from the structural examination. The intermetallic phase from the diffraction intensities showed the presence of a significant second bond interstitial solidphase across the matrix, especially for 0.6Aldr0.34Cmt0.05G0.01OBS ceiling material
Description: Staff Publication
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