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Title: Thermal Performance of Improved Charcoal Stove as a Clean Development Mechanism Project – A Case Sudy of Bauchi
Authors: Adeyemi, Kafayat
Lawal, Nasiru
Asere, Abraham
Keywords: Improved charcoal stove (ICS),
Water Boiling Test (WBT),
climate change,
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM),
Thermal efficiency.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: FUOYE Journal of Engineering and Technology
Abstract: Improved cook stoves (ICS) are known to ensure efficiency in the use of traditional fuels, reduce smoke emission and associated health hazards during cooking and reduce cooking time. Another benefit of ICS is in mitigating the effects of climate change. This paper presents the thermal performance and achievable emission reductions by ICS for daily cooking in households around Bauchi. It evaluates an ICS using the International Workshop Agreement (IWA) which rates cook stoves on four indicators (Indoor emission, total emission, efficiency/fuel use and safety) each indicator is rated along five tiers (0: lowest performing to 4: highest performing).The evaluation focused on efficiency/fuel use. The benchmark values for thermal efficiency, fuel use and energy use are 35%, 0.310kg and 7928kJ respectively. This shows that the ICS offers modest improvements in fuel use and it is rated as a tier 3 ICS. A carbon savings of 0.9 x 106tCO2ecan be achieved on an annual basis assuming all rural and urban households in Bauchi employ ICS for their daily cooking.
Description: Staff Publication
ISSN: 2579-0625
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