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Title: Survival of Escherichia Coli in Lagos Lagoon
Authors: Amund, Olukayode O.
Ekundayo, J. A.
Ogunsanya, C. O.
Akpata, T. V. I.
Keywords: Water samples
Issue Date: 1981
Citation: Amund, O.O [] (1981) Survival of Escherichia Coli in Lagos Lagoon. Journal of the West African Science Association 26.
Abstract: There was a gradual decrease in the population of Escherichia coli incubated in autoclaved and unautoclaved (raw) water samples obtained from three different sampling stations of the Lagos lagoon. The survival period of the bacterium was generally shorter in the unautoclaved than in the autoclaved water sample; and also varied with the season. In November, 1976, the survival periods in unautoclaved (raw) samples were 6 and 8 days respectively; while in February, 1977 they were 12 days for all three water samples. For the autoclaved water samples the survival periods in November 1976 were 12 and 14 days; while in February, 1977 they were 22, 24 and 32 days. The survival period was also affected by seasonal variations in some physic-chemical parameters of the lagoon.
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