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Title: Text messaging and retrieval techniques for a mobile health information system
Authors: Agbele, Kehinde K.
Adesina, Ademola O.
Abidoye, Ademola P.
Nyongesa, Henry O.
Keywords: Frequently asked question (FAQ)
Information retrieval (IR)
Mobile health (mHealth)
Mobile Health Information system
Question and answer (Q&A) system
Short message service (SMS)/text message
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Journal of information Science
Citation: Adesina, A. O., Agbele, K. K., Abidoye, A. P., & Nyongesa, H. O. (2014). Text messaging and retrieval techniques for a mobile health information system. Journal of Information Science, 40(6), 736-748.
Abstract: Mobile phones have been identified as one of the technologies that can be used to overcome the challenges of information dissemination regarding serious diseases. Short message services, a much used function of cell phones, for example, can be turned into a major tool for accessing databases. This paper focuses on the design and development of a short message services-based information access algorithm to carefully screen information on human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune deficiency syndrome within the context of a frequently asked questions system. However, automating the short message services-based information search and retrieval poses significant challenges because of the inherent noise in its communications. The developed algorithm was used to retrieve the best-ranked question–answer pair. Results were evaluated using three metrics: average precision, recall and computational time. The retrieval efficacy was measured and it was confirmed that there was a significant improvement in the results of the proposed algorithm when compared with similar retrieval algorithms.
URI: 10.1177/0165551514540400
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