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Title: Perception about being an aged person in South-Western Nigeria
Authors: Akanbi, Moses A.
Fadayomi, Theophilus O.
Wusu, Onipede
Uyi, Eboigbodin O.
Gbadebo, Babatunde M.
Adekola, Paul O.
Olawole-Isaac, A.
Sowunmi, Akinyimika
Keywords: Perception
An aged person
South-Western Nigeria
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Australian Society for Commerce Industry & Engineering
Citation: Akanbi, M. A., Fadayomi, T. O., Wusu, O., Uyi, E. O., Gbadebo, B. M., Adekola, P. O., ... & Sowunmi, A. (2015). Perception about being an aged person in South-Western Nigeria. International Journal of Energy Technology Research, 1-16.
Abstract: This paper investigates the perception about being an aged person in SouthWestern Nigeria. 594 aged persons were interviewed through questionnaire administration in Lagos and Oyo states of South-western Nigeria. The univariate, bivariate and One-way Analysis of variance (F-ratios) were employed in the analyses of this research. The major findings of this study are: firstly, the univariate and bivariate results indicate that there is low-perception about being an aged person. Secondly, One-way Analysis of variance (F-ratios) show that the study location, age category, means of livelihood; and usual place of residence (Oyo and Lagos state rural settings) have significant influences on perception about being an aged person in South-Western Nigeria. Thus, the paper recommends the following: firstly, that aged persons from Lagos state who are 50-79 years should begin to admit from now that they are ‘elderly people’ despite the fact that some of them are retired and still physically active. Secondly, the salary earners who are still working as well as Lagos-rural dwellers should urgently assume their roles as elders both in the families and in larger Nigerian society.
ISSN: 2203-9496
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