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Title: Parametric Studies on a Mitchell-Ossberger Turbine (Numerical Approach)
Authors: Alabi, Ismaila O.
Oke, David B.
Ademola, Dare A.
Keywords: MOT
Parametric studies
Computational interface
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2016
Publisher: Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research
Series/Report no.: ;Issue 3
Abstract: The parametric studies play important role when it comes to performance optimization of the locally manufactured Mitchell-Ossberger Turbine (MOT). Several literatures on hydro-turbine had discussed extensively on the design of MOTs as well as their advantages over the other types of hydro-turbines. But none had ever discussed extensively, the parametric studies involved in optimizing an efficient MOT. This present study focused on some selected parameter towards designing an efficient and optimal MOT. This was achieved via formulation of a turbine parametric model, development of turbine computational interface (module) and decoding of the obtained data with Visual Basic (VB) 10. The algorithm, which contains step by step solution to the problem, was developed for the program. The flow formed was designed to have a data grid view which displays data loaded into the application. The flow interface had eight buttons based on certain parametric entries. The strength of this interface lied in its codes and after data which were sorted on descending order has been loaded to the memory via Visual Basic programming software. It was discovered from the obtained results that as the angle of attack increases, the turbine power developed and the efficiency decreases marginally. The effect of the flow rate was that, it increases as other parameter increases. Then, all necessary recommendations were made.
Description: This present study focuses on some selected parameter towards designing an efficient MOT hydro turbine via MOT-model formulation, parametric analysis for optimal performance, as well as development of computational interface with Visual Basic 10 programming software.
ISSN: 2394-2630
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