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Title: Comparative analysis of exhaust gases obtained in S.I and C.I of an internal combustion engine
Authors: Alabi, Ismaila O.
Olaiya, Kamorudeen A.
Kareem, Mutiu O.
Olalekan, Ahmed I.
Keywords: ICE
Exhaust gases
Gas detector
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2015
Publisher: Scholars Research Library
Abstract: ICE which could be spark ignition (S.I) or compression ignition (C.I) engine is one of the building blocks of modern civilization. In light of this, an effective engine should be able to contribute immensely to a safe environment. Numerous factors like fuel economy, power and torque, reliability, pollution, safety and cost are necessary in determining and comparing the effectiveness of the engines. This paper identifies, examines and compares the rate of incombustible particles present in the engines (S.I and C.I) at varying loading and speed conditions via exhaust gas detector. Post-hoc analysis was carried out using SPSS. It was discovered that CO and HC are the most dangerous incombustible particles present in engines and also the incombustible rate is more pronounced in C.I than S.I engine, which confirmed that S.I. engine is far better in terms of pollution reduction. Probable recommendations were later made.
Description: This paper is aimed at analyzing, determining and comparing the composition of exhaust gases of automobile ICE through experimental determination of the exhaust gas values at different loads and speeds of both engines; and determination of the effect of engine speeds and loads on exhaust emissions of both engines.
ISSN: 0975-508X
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