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Authors: Agbele, Kehinde K.
Adesina, Ademola
Daniel, Ekong
Dele, Seluwa
Keywords: Mobile Healthcare
Agents System
Medical Informatics
Healthcare Information Management
New Ranking Algorithm
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: IJIR International Science Press
Citation: Agbele, K. K., Adesina, A. O., Daniel, E., & Seluwa, D. (2012). Agent-based context-aware healthcare information retrieval using DROPT approach.
Abstract: As the volume of information available on the Web information systems is growing continuously, browsing this content becomes a tedious task given the presentation of data that does meet user's aims and needs. In this paper, to satisfy user needs, an agent-based paradigm is an appropriate solution which gives outputs suitable to the user in the form of highly ranked documents. Conversely, patient care and a health condition commonly require collaboration between healthcare providers. The emergence of agent's technology motivates radical changes of how information is obtained. This paper addresses this problem by proposing a novel DROPT (Document Ranking OPTimization) measure for information retrieval results to validate the effectiveness of the information management tasks. We propose information retrieval system architecture, which main components are contextaware agent’s technology to meet users' information needs.
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