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Title: Development of an Indigenously Made Diesel Fired Crucible Furnace
Authors: Olukokun, Tolulope O.
Adeyemi, Adekunle A.
Alabi, Ismaila O.
Aderonmu, Mudasiru O.
Kareem, Mutiu O.
Keywords: Crucible furnace
Diesel fired
Average heating rate
Melting rate
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2019
Publisher: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Energy Harvesting, Storage, and Transfer (EHST'19) Ottawa, Canada
Abstract: The technological advancement of any nation have been influenced and uplifted by the extent to which it can usefully harness and convert its mineral resources. The productions of metal in foundries and in all human lives have become a general practice. This work deals with the design, fabrication and performance evaluation of a diesel-fired crucible furnace suitable for use both in the rural and urban areas for casting of different types of metals using indigenously sourced materials and technology. The components of furnace were furnace casing, crucible, furnace cover, burner housing, furnace cover stand, base stand and burner. Mild steel sheet was used for the fabrication of the furnace, while the other components needed for the design were selected based on functionality, durability, cost and local availability. Experimental tests were performed to evaluate the performance of the furnace. The average heating rate of 19.54°C/min was recorded by the furnace and attained a temperature as high as 1420 °C. The furnace also had a melting rate of 454.55g/min for Aluminium. The thermal efficiency of the furnace was determined to be 10.80%. The low value was as result of the large energy wastage due to the type of insulator used in making the furnace wall. The furnace is environmental friendly without health hazards to the workers and can be moved from one place to another unlike the local one.
Description: Most castings in Nigeria are imported, the poor performance of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria is indicative of the low state of the foundry industry of which majority are small–medium scale enterprises with an unsubstantial total productive cost and input to the upper limit of only between 5-20 million naira. This is quite very low compared to that in the US; put the market value of the annual casting shipments at 28-30 billion US dollars produced by approximately 3,200 foundries has been reported. These myriad of problems therefore, necessitated this research work
URI: 10.11159/ehst19.147
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